Galery Planet is an improved system based image gallery storage folders.

When configured the gallery only have to add and remove images in the selected folder and the gallery will be automatically updated.

Basic gallery
1) Create a folder in the root of joomla. (Example: root / images / planetgallery /)
2) Enter the images you want to appear in the gallery.
3) The article introduces the following code:{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/{/planet_g}
4) This parameter: imagesfolder is required. If you enter will not see the default gallery.

Example gallery


Settings gallery


We can set all the parameters of the gallery:

Separation marker. The marker spacing parameters is |.

(width) Width:
Sets the width of the gallery. Param: width.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|width:600{/planet_g}
(height) Height:
Sets the height of the gallery. Param: height.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|height:400{/planet_g}
(titlegallery) Title.
You can place a title in the gallery. If you leave it blank does not show.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/{/planet_g}
(slideshowspeed) Pause between images.
The pause time between the end of an image and the beginning of the next in milliseconds (5000 = 5SG).
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/slideshowspeed:5000{/planet_g}
(crossfadeduration) Fade.
Fade. In ms. (Example: 50).
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/crossfadeduration:50{/planet_g}
(division) FADE effect Division.
The more value more softness in the effect (normal value: 100). In ms.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/division:10{/planet_g}
(imginiale) Random initial image
Started by a random image. (0: Start at the first. 1: Top random.)
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/imginiale:1{/planet_g}
(imgaleatorio) Random images
Images occur randomly. (0: No Random. 1: Random)
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/imgaleatorio:1{/planet_g}
(imginicio) Start image.
The firt image is the number 3. (Image 1 and 2 are reserved).
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/imginicio:5{/planet_g}
(gotoplay) Automatic start.
The gallery is played automatically. (play: Automatic stop: Manual). By default automatically starts.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/gotoplay:play{/planet_g}
(bgcolor) Background color.
Background color of the gallery visible in images that are not full gallery. The color in HTML format #.
If write "t" the backgroud will be transparent.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/bgcolor:#FFFFFF{/planet_g}
(textosinimagenes) Text if the gallery is empty or does not exist

Text that is displayed if the gallery is empty or path is not correct.

{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/textosinimagenes:La galería no está disponible en estos momentos. Por favor visítala más adelante.{/planet_g}
(buttons) Show buttons
Show the buttons Play, Forward, Rewind. (1) = Show, (0) = hide
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/buttons:0{/planet_g}
(linkon) Linking images.
Opens the pictures in a new window or not. (1: Match the images / 0: NO binds the images). The original image appears.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/linkon:0{/planet_g} 
(labelsoff) Hide labels.
Hides all the labels notwithstanding any txt file. The off completely. (1: Disables the labels / 0. Active tags)
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|labelsoff:1{/planet_g}





Parameters default labels for the gallery. If the label has its own parameters, the latter shall prevail.
(lpostop) Top relative position.
Distance from the top of the label. Is the distance from the upper left corner. The distance is px.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|lpostop:100{/planet_g}
(lposleft) Left relative position.
The distance from the left side of the label. Is the distance from the upper left corner. The distance is px.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|lposleft:100{/planet_g}
(lwid) Width.
Label width in px.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|lwid:100{/planet_g}
(lhei) Height.
Height labels in px.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|lhei:100{/planet_g}
(opacity) Opacity..
Image opacity. The value must be between 1 and 100 where 100 is fully visible and 1 is completely transparent.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|opacity:95{/planet_g}
(colorimg) Background color of the label.
This is the color that fills the label. It must be in HTML format. (Example: # FF0000 = red)
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|colorimg:#FF0000{/planet_g}
(colortext) Text color.
Color of the text within the label. It must be in HTML format. (Example: # FF0000 = red)
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|colortext:#FF0000{/planet_g}
(textfont) Text font tag.
The font style of the text of the label. Example: Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman. You can only put a style.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|textfont:Arial{/planet_g}
(textsize) Text Size.
Size of the text within the label. The value in px.
{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|textsize:12{/planet_g}
(textalign) Alignment of text on the label.

Text alignment with respect to the position of the label. It can be left, right, center.

{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|textalign:center{/planet_g}
(textborder) Size, type and color of the border.

Size, type and color of the edge of the label. In HTML format. Example: border: 1px solid # FF0000

{ planet_g}titlegallery:MI GALERIA|imagesfolder:images/planetgallery/|textborder:1px solid #FF0000{/planet_g}

Archive labels

We can configure each personalized label, position, text color, size, colo background, background transparency, etc. So each image will have its label on its correct position and color and perfect size.
Operation is simple, just have to open a text file with any name, edit the following parameters (img and label are mandatory) and upload it to the folder where the file is located.
We can upload multiple TXT files. If there is any repeated image in the last configuration file read by the sistema.Las tags iran an image on the same line and each line belongs to a single image displays. Closes the line with |.

(img) Image.
It is the name of the image exactly, including spaces. We recommend naming pictures with letters and numbers WITHOUT spaces or characters.
(label) Label.
Text shown on the image. We recommend to use html accents.
(top) Position top.
Distance from the highest part of the gallery.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|top:20|
(left) Position left.
Distance to the left side of the gallery.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|left:20|
(width) Width.
Label width.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|width:20|
(height) Height.
Label height.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|height:20
(opacity) Opacity.
Blur from the label. Values between 1 and 100 where 1 is practically transparent and 100 is opaque.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|opacity:80|
(fondo) Background color.
Background color of the label. Choose: _b = White; _n: Black; _r: Red; _v: Green; _a: Blue; _am: Yellow.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|fondo:_am|
(color) Text color.
Text color of the label. In HTML format.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|color:#FF00FF|
(font) Font.
Text font label. I do not place quotes.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|font:Verdana|
(font-size) Font size.

Size in pixels of the source of the label. Only the number.

Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|font-size:14|
(text-align) Aling.
Alignment of text on the label. Select: right, center, left.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|text-align:center|
(border) Border.
Size, color and type of edge label. In HTML format.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción|border:1px solid blue|
(linkimg) Link Imagen.
Link image without HTTP//.
Ejemplo img:ba3.jpg|label:Descripción||

| = ALT GR + 1
The parameters of the tags can be used in the gallery will be the default for all labels gallery.
There is no space {planetg

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