Planet Moo is a system that displays a folder of images in a table to display all at a glance.

Along with other plugins (JCE Mediabox Media Box or CK) allows an improved image viewing experience.

Planet Moo
1) Create a folder in the root of joomla. (Example: root / images / planetgallery /)

2) Enter the images that you want to appear in the gallery.
3) The article introduces the following code: { pgmoo}imagesfolder:images/sampledata/planetgallery/|Columns:3|maxwidth:180|conthumbs:1{/ pgmoo}
4) This parameter: imagesfolder is required. If you enter will not see the default gallery.

Currently only works with the following auxiliary plugins:
0) No plugins, open the image in a new window.

1) JCE Media box

2) CK Mediabox


Config gallery


We can set all the parameters of the gallery:
Separation marker. The marker spacing parameters is |.


Folder Path gallery:
Path where the gallery is located on the root of joomla.

{ pgmoo}imagesfolder:images/sampledata/planetgallery/{/pgmoo}
(columnas) Columns:

Number of columns that have the table.

(conthumbs) With thumbnails:

In the folder where the gallery we can put a folder called "thumbnails" Count we can place the thumbnails. These help download the complete gallería quickly.When loaded to full window is the original image to its actual size.
We may place: 0 = no load miniatures; 1 = to load the thumbnails. If there are no thumbnails and configure 1 gallery will appear empty.

(width) Width:

Sets the maximum width of each image.

(consombra) With shadow:

If checked 1 show a shadow effect to images.

(pxsombra) Shadow Size:

Be the size of the shadow in px.

(condifumino) Fade:

If you dial 1 show the images faded until the mouse over the image pose. Get a simple and professional effect.

(pxdifumino) Size blur effect:

Brand blur size of 0-100, where 0 is transparent and 100 is completely opaque.

(bordesredondos) Rounded edges:

We can choose several models with rounded edges. The default value is 0.
0) Straight Edges
1) Round Top Left-Bottom Right
2) Rounding Up-Down Left Right
3) All edges rounded
4) Only Top Left Rounded
5) Only Top Right Rounded
6) Only Down Left Rounded
7) Only Down Right Rounded

(tbrul) Top Left Border Size:

Size in px radius of the upper left border.

Config CK Mediabox
(classrel) Pluing attribute is in class or rel.

Depending on the configuration we have in the CK Mediabox plugin we will put this data.

This attribute can only be set in the Backend
(atributo) The attribute name.

The plugin we can set what we call the gallery through CK Mediabox. This will place the same attribute to avoid problems.

This attribute can only be set in the Backend

Config JCE Media Box

This section can not be configured through the Planet Moo plugin.
JCE Media box requires no additional configuration.

| = ALT GR + 1
The parameters of the tags can be used in the gallery will be the default for all labels gallery.
Planet Moo 3.0.1Downloads: 449

This plugin is not self-updates. Rests with the user this work.
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